Tips to Become a Better Football Player

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1. Run every day

A great cardio workout, running 3 miles per day will keep you in peak form. As much as you can, run uphill. Around 2 miles in, locate a steep hill. Run up it for 20-30m. Then turn around and walk down. This can be repeated 5-10 times until you finish the run. You’ll find that you are more fit and stronger if you do it every day.

2. To increase your speed, do exercises

You can either find a drop of 150 cm or stand on a barrel, or other safe object of similar height. Jump off and place your feet on the ground. Then, stand straight up as fast as you can. To avoid injury, make sure you’re well-prepared and stretch before performing this exercise. This will increase speed and strengthen the reflex muscles of your legs.

3. Play with both your feet

Footballers tend to be more comfortable with one foot than with the other. It’s hard to improve your touch with your stronger feet. Concentrating on the weaker foot can help you make bigger improvements. Use only your weaker foot to kick a ball against the wall. In training, have everyone play only with their weaker foot. You will see results in a very short time and it doesn’t require much effort.

4. Discover a new trick

If you are shown a new trick by professionals, make sure to watch it over and over before trying it. This is possible with online video. Spend 10 minutes each day practicing the trick. You shouldn’t attempt it in a match until you are confident. Don’t use it too often or you’ll be beaten.

5. Learn from the pros

You can copy professional football players by watching them play. This may sound obvious, but it’s amazing how few people do it. You should pick a player in the same position you are playing and observe him closely. Learn his tricks and pay attention when he is not playing. You should choose a player that you admire and can aspire to be like. Franck Sauzee was a former France, Marseilles, and Hibernian midfielder who I enjoyed learning from. A great all-round player, who was always at his best.

Don’t let it stop you from becoming Maradona. It takes time to be a great player. The key thing is to improve each aspect of your game slowly. It is important to stick to a routine and train properly.

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