Part 1: About Pallet Pools – An International Survey

1. A Guide to Pallet Pools

We are pleased to present our first survey of pallet pool locations around the globe. Modern logistics requires careful consideration of palletized storage and shipment.

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First, a pool is a group or assets that can be shared between participants in the system. Pallet pools include rental and hire systems as well as interchange or interchange pools. Some exchange pools, like the Canadian Pallet Council (CPC), are no longer operational.

Pallet exchange can help reduce costs. However, companies are not responsible for the repair of pallets and there have been problems with empty pallet returns and failure to return.

2. Euro Pool System

Euro Pool System is a well-known provider of reusable packaging throughout Europe. It also rents pallets at a smaller scale in addition to its reusable container business. These pallets from the Euro Pool System are displayed above.

Euro Pool System, Europe’s largest logistics provider, provides returnable packaging solutions to fresh produce. It holds 41% of the European fruit and vegetable market. Euro Pool System works with European retailers to provide sustainable, cost-effective, and optimal logistics solutions. Euro Pool System employs 155 people across ten countries. They also operate in 15 countries. Each year, they handle more than 620,000,000 returnable tray rounds. There are 45 service centers across Europe that the company operates. Euro Pool System’s 2009 turnover was 203 million Euros.

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3. iGPS offers plastic pallet rental in the U.S.

iGPS is the largest pallet rental company in the United States. The company revolutionized the pallet rental market by offering a 48×40 inch plastic rental pallet, which was competitive with other pallet rental companies like CHEP or PECO. The iGPS pallet was not only made of plastic but also equipped with RFID tags. This pallet became an industry standard. To aid in retrieval of stolen or lost pallets, some pallets are also equipped with GPS tags.

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Customers were excited about the possibility to rent plastic pallets at prices similar to wood. Bob Moore was the leader of iGPS, but the company often made headlines for issues like brominated flame retardants and food safety.

4. Canadian Pallet Council (CPC).

Canadian Pallet Council (CPC), was described as “a unique Canadian member-owned, cooperative pallet pool.” It was established in Canada and has been operating since 1977. CPC offers low-cost, competitive pallet services for Canadian consumers. It is based on an efficient interchange system. Nearly 1,400 members of the CPC owned and exchanged over seven million unique orange pallets.

CPC was primarily a consumer product company. CPC’s pool was significantly smaller than that of CHEP Canada which still offers a pallet rental program.

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The CPC didn’t own pallets. CPC member companies could own CPC pallets. The CPC’s role was to manage the pallet specification, interchange and inspection rules as well as other aspects the CPC interchange system including CTSweb tracking software. CPC pallets were 48×40 inch hardwood stringer pallets.