Online Courses: How to Make Money

Decide how you’ll sell your lesson

To give you the best control, create a website that hosts and delivers your lesson. You can use WordPress plugins or membership site scripts to help you create a system for selling your course and delivering it.

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Online courses such as Udemy and SkillShare are faster and require less technical work. These sites have different pay rates. Udemy’s instructor compensation depends on how the sale was made (through its marketplace, affiliates, or directly from your side).

These sites allow you to upload your course, and they will take care of all the selling to their members/market including payment processing. They also own the marketplace and platform. You’re also competing with other course providers which could mean that you may need to lower the price of your course in order to be competitive.

The last option is to use a service like Teachable and Ruzuku. These services offer many of the same benefits as self-hosted, but with the speed and ease of Udemy. These services allow for easy upload and creation, much like course marketplaces. However, you can also add your domain and personalize your school as in self-hosted options. Many resources are available for free. Others offer more features with paid plans. Many integrate with PayPal or can be used as a payment service.

You can sell your course across multiple platforms because most of these options do not require exclusivity. However, it is important to review the terms of service before you offer your course on more than one platform.

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Load your course online

After you have chosen your platform, upload the course. Add your logo and color scheme to the platform if it allows. You can create your own brand.

Marketing Your Course

No matter what platform you use, your course must be promoted. You can market your course using any service, even Udemy. Students can search the Udemy marketplace to find you.

Create a marketing plan. This will include who your market is, how they can be reached, and what you can do to get them to sign up for your course. Social media, PPC advertising (such as Facebook ads) and article marketing are great options for course marketing. You have many other low-cost and free marketing options.

Keep your course information current

Check your course information every few months to ensure it is up-to-date and current. Inadequate information can cause negative reviews and hinder your students’ learning. Make sure to fix broken links.

Rinse and Repeat

You don’t have to stay with the same course. You can create other courses that are related to the first course. These courses can be referred to your students. You can, for example, add to a course about writing mysteries a course on publishing a book or how to market it. It is possible to create courses in entirely new areas.

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If you are able to offer a high-quality course and reach your market, selling and creating online courses can be very lucrative. Online instructors are easy to find and cheaper to teach with. Although it takes time to create each lesson in your course, once it is uploaded it can be a source of passive income for your business or your own business.