Personal Core Values and Career Success

How do we define a successful career? Is a successful career simply a job that provides lucrative pay? Should a job be glamorous for it to be called successful?

When do we say that we are successful in the kind of career path we have taken?

A successful career is more than just a high-paying job. It means finding your true calling – that is being able to do things that can give you personal and professional fulfillment. A successful career should be something that is aligned with your life visions. It should be closely incorporated to who you truly are and should uphold your personal values. It is therefore important to take the time to understand yourself even better and know your true calling.

Our personal core values play a vital role in determining career success. They define our life purpose and determine how we will do future actions. These values influence every decision we make. They are the standards to which our individuality is defined. Core values are reflected in the way we interact with people and how we handle different situations though we are unaware of these influences most of the time.

Since our career is a fundamental part of our life, it is important to make sure that our values – everything that we are – is aligned with our profession to achieve expected long-term career results. It is important to clarify our core values and to act in accordance with these core values to achieve a successful career.

It is therefore important to understand our core values if we want to enjoy a successful career. There are many outstanding human assessment which offers accurate results describing one’s innate, unchanging nature. Look for a personality assessment that measures a person’s innate preferences, rather than his or her ability to adapt to a variety of life situations and work experiences, a tool which can help a person realise his or her potential. The combination of our innate nature, personality, competencies, skills and talents will determine how we will find work fulfillment.

Many people end up unhappy with their chosen profession because they followed other people’s advice. While there is nothing wrong with this as your loved ones may think they know what’s best for you, the problem with this is that they see your strengths and characters through their eyes and not through yours. It is you who needs to be satisfied with what you are doing. Knowing yourself better will allow you to choose a career that suits you best.

A successful career is within our reach if we know how to recognise the best career outcomes for you. Know your personal core values and achieve better career results.

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