Why Do I Need to Do Career Assessment?

Wandering in Career-Land? Assessments Can Help. This is very commonly seen that Career cluttering and indecisiveness, often resulting in career stoicism. Yet finding a career direction or focus is remarkably simple and manageable…it’s really all about YOU.

This is all about your uniqueness. What makes you exclusive – what’s your “brand?” What are your core competencies? What are your interests, passions, your motivated skills, values and goals, non-negotiable needs, and personality type? What are your strengths and weaknesses? All of these are considered to be as your components through which you can explore what YOU are about and how that can “sync up” with some pretty exciting career choices. Career assessments and career mapping are one tool to assist in uncovering these inklings about ourselves. These career mappings and tests can produce enormous benefits when used correctly, with the assistance of a career consultant, professional counselor, coach, discreetness or and with caution.

The biggest advantage is better understanding about your possibilities and career needs based on who you actually are, discovering all the alternatives that could work for you, and then making well-informed career decisions from among those promising choices.. Comprehend about how to develop your career in ways you want it to burst forth, rather than taking a default position of “whatever”. For example, you may want a career that uses more of your actuate skills (the skills you do well and enjoy doing) or that is more alginate with your passions and interests. Even in a cohesive job market and a dreadful economy, jobs that could really be a best-fit match for you do exist and someone needs to fill them. Why couldn’t that someone be you? They can be conventional assessments (such as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator or Strong Interest Inventory), unconventional (such as homework questions and subjective self-reports, or journaling, creative writing or art), and even 360-degree assessments (such as the reach 360 feedback instrument) that allow us to squint how others “see” us.

William Arruda, Personal Branding Guru and pioneer of 360Reach (the leading personal branding assessment), says, “Personal branding is a revolution in the way we manage our careers or businesses. It means identifying and communicating what makes you unique, relevant and compelling so that you can reach your goals.” By having an understanding of yourself better and what makes for a good career and work environment fit, you will have an edge in identifying stellar opportunities early on and jumping on them, while others are still pondering and staying stuck. Yes off course, this is all work – knowing what makes you especial and establishing your brand identity or uniqueness is the first step in leveraging YOU into the career of your dreams.

Career tests open up possibilities by helping you uncover the tasks, experience, education and training needed for your next career or educational move. A career assessment is a standout tool that can help identify possible avenues on a career path for a student/employee. This enables a person to make better career decisions, market them self to their best advantage, save their precious time and avoid spending money on the wrong education or future. Through career assessment and mapping, those who are new to the working life will find a clearer path for starting their new work life. It is basically to determine the unique abilities, aptitudes, interests and needs of the individual.

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