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5 home improvements you can do in a weekend

For most people, being a homeowner is a coveted goal. While it has its perks, a home’s upkeep is a perpetual series of projects. I have to remind myself that it’s about the journey, not the destination.

And thank goodness for that because our journey is a long one!

What I’ve learnt is that making small home improvements along the way to the greater goal significantly improves my state of mind – and the function of our home.

Here are five projects you can easily tackle in a weekend.

1. Paint your fence

It’s a big statement but unlike interior colours, fences should rarely be anything other than black (or a dark charcoal), white, or stained timber.

Budget timbers and steel are common for fences, yet can look hard on the eye. Painting them a really dark charcoal helps the fence to figuratively disappear, leaving the natural green surrounds an opportunity to shine.

If your fence is a decorative work of art, typically synonymous with classic-style homes, then it’s your opportunity to paint it white or a colour that’s been used on the house trim.

It’s a super-easy job that can be achieved with a spray gun in a few hours.

2. Hang your art

We all have those pieces of art, or photos, that have been leaning against our walls for months, if not years.

When our house has been looking a certain way for a period of time, whether we’re happy with it or not, we eventually stop noticing it. This is dangerous territory.

Hanging art is a bang for your buck sort of job. It requires a hammer and picture hangers. And the end result means not only a clear floor but dressed walls, too.

3. Landscape the front garden

A good-looking front yard is underrated. When we renovated our house last year, I was ecstatic with the outcome but the very front garden never got addressed and therefore remained a jungle.

It was a thorn in my side. We had this impressive, welcoming front facade mixed with ugly shrubs and weeds.

In one weekend we transformed it with plants my husband’s parents had been cultivating, along with larger plants that hadn’t been doing well inside.

It only took soil, mulch, some physical labour, and Michael’s green-thumb parents. And the outcome makes me immeasurably happy.

4. Upcycle a piece of furniture

Stage one of our build coincided with the time we were having kids – meaning only one salary and a large house to fill. I got to sourcing vintage furniture pieces and restoring them. Most of those pieces are still treasured today.

It’s not hard to find some cool, functional furniture items that can usually be brought back to life with a good sand back, varnish or coat of paint. The environment and your bank account will thank you.

5. Replace your broken globes

Well, this last one is absurdly simple. We have nearly as many broken downlights in our house as working ones.

To fix the problem we merely need new globes and a ladder and yet in our busy lives the job gets pushed to the wayside and we put up with the lack of light.

I’m going to practise what I preach and this weekend I’m buying new globes.

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