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Former ‘Home Improvement’ Star: Celebrity Elitists Are Alienating Middle America

Former “Home Improvement” star Zachery Ty Bryan said on “Fox & Friends” that liberal celebrity elitists are alienating many Americans with their anti-Trump rhetoric heading into November’s midterm elections.

Celebrities like Kyra Sedgewick and Kevin Bacon are stumping for Democrats, urging liberals to vote and volunteer, in order to hold the administration accountable and “be on the right side of history.”

Other Hollywood liberals — like Robert De Niro, Samantha Bee, Kathy Griffin and others — have launched profanity-laced tirades against President Trump in recent months.

Bryan said it’s troubling to see the country so divided and people in the public eye only playing to the left.

“We’re just [in] such need of coming together and realizing that we’re all on the same ship and we don’t want that ship to sink,” Bryan said. “Whether you disagree with the president or you don’t, he’s doing what he feels [is] best and he’s representing a very large majority of people that live in Middle America.”

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Bryan said it’s important to try to understand the other side, instead of just criticizing those with different political beliefs.

“So much of it, I feel, in my business comes from this elitist perspective where it’s almost like they’re better than you,” he said. “That’s kind of frustrating because these are really good, hardworking Americans.”

He called out the “narcissism” of elites who believe that they know more than everyday Americans, which he said simply isn’t the case.

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