Do I Need a Career Coach?

How do you find the right career path? The first step in your job search is about fulfillment. All of us want to find fulfillment in some form or another; whether it’s in our careers, or other work such as volunteering or internships. We all have an internal compass that tells us when we are on or off track, and we have to learn to listen to it. We often get so busy that we ignore our internal voice, and years later we end up with a life or job that isn’t a good fit. So tune in with your internal compass, your passion or your sense of purpose in order to get back on track with creating the life you want.

A common question from people looking for their ideal career is, “Can I figure this out on my own?” The truth is that if you’re unhappy with your career, then you might need some help. Yes some people have successfully figured out their career direction without the help of somebody such as a mentor or a career coach, which is great! However, many people find that having somebody to help them with their career journey is exactly what they’re missing.

Many people have trouble finding their dream job for various reasons. They are confused by too many career ideas in their head. They have too many people giving them advice, which steers them off track. Or maybe they don’t know themselves well enough. Sometimes people are simply too busy to take the time and figure it out in the right way. Whatever the reason is, you may be able to figure it out over time, and perhaps by a process of elimination. But eliminating ideas over time can take a while. Waiting too long can be a frustrating and painful process.

The help of a career coach can help you find the right career. Having somebody that helps you tap into your natural talents and gifts to be more authentic in your work can be highly beneficial to finding your dream job. When finding your ideal career you have to go with your personality type in a job, not against it. Going against who you really are is an uphill battle not worth fighting. A career coach can help you try to find another career direction that better suits you, and compliments your gifts and talents.

When you’re having trouble finding fulfillment in your career, it’s more effective and efficient to get right to the heart of it. Figuring it out as quickly as you can is the best thing you can do. Life’s too short! If you can figure it out on your own, that’s great! But don’t settle or waste time in a job you don’t enjoy

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