Tips for Preparing a Car for Transport

You have decided to ship your vehicle to a new location and found an auto transporter. You now need to prepare the car for shipping.

We understand that your car is an important asset and shipping it can be stressful. We strive to make this process easy and stress-free for you if you have chosen to work with us.

Wash your vehicle

Wash your vehicle’s exterior first. The driver will conduct a vehicle condition report when he arrives to pick-up your vehicle. This report details the vehicle’s current condition, including any damage that may have occurred.

Clean vehicles will make it easier for you and your driver to complete the condition report. You’ll be able see any scratches, dents, paint chips or other damage.

Take pictures of your vehicle

It’s time to take photos after the car has been cleaned. Be sure to take photos that are of good quality and are not too old! Don’t limit your photos to damaged areas. You can also take general shots of the vehicle from different angles. To protect yourself in the unlikely event of damage occurring during transport, you can never have enough photos.

Take a photo of the Odometer

This tip is for your safety and security. Customers will occasionally ask us, “How can I tell if the driver won’t take my car for joy rides?” Although we have never experienced this, we do understand the concern. You are giving away one of your most precious assets. You can take a photograph of the odometer if you are nervous.

Clean your vehicle’s interior

Car trailers can be very large and cause your car and any items to bounce around on the roads. You should remove any items that are not securely attached to your car’s interior, such as phone chargers, GPS devices and portable DVD players, air fresheners, pen, spare change, and even car chargers. You should remove any items that could cause damage to your vehicle’s interior or cause it to bounce around. These items can also be removed to reduce the chance of them being stolen or lost during transport.

Attach or remove accessories

If possible, remove accessories from your vehicle to prevent any damage. Accessories such as ski racks and luggage racks are all acceptable. You should take out any antennas that are removable and place them in the trunk. You can fold in your side view mirrors if they are foldable.

Fluid Leaks:

You should check for fluid leaks before you give your vehicle to the driver. If it is a serious leak, the driver might refuse to take the vehicle. Let the driver know if you have a small leak that cannot be repaired before shipping.

You must let him know this information so that he can place your car on the trailer’s bottom row. Your car could end up on top of the trailer and drip onto the cars below. You don’t want another car’s car to leak on your vehicle if it’s on the top.

Treat Engine and Mechanical Problems

Is your car in good condition? Before you pick up your car for transport, make sure to check for any engine or mechanical issues.

Please let us know if your vehicle isn’t running so we can plan ahead and make sure that we have the right equipment to load it. If your car is not working properly, there are additional fees.

How much does it cost to ship a car from New Jersey to NY?

New York City and New Jersey traffic is no joke. It is a feat of art to drive an 18-wheeler through a city that is never asleep! Long distance car shipping quotes Towing, an auto shipping company, specializes in moving cars from Jersey to anywhere in the United States. To tow a car from New Jersey, to NYC costs $495. We need to know whether the car is in use. If it is, additional charges may apply.

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