There has been a surge in people who are willing to travel and live in vans and Rv Travel Worlds over the last few years. Although traveling in an RV Travel World is something that people have done for decades, it has become easier to travel full-time in an RV Travel.

People of all ages now want to take part in what was once a traditional and predominant activity reserved for retired or older family travelers.

  • Vanlife aside: RV Travel World travel is travel aesthetic an amazing way to see the globe.
  • One of my most frequently asked questions is “How do I travel in an RV Travel World?”

Today, Marc and Julie from RV Travel World Love will be our experts. These two couples joined my blog program several years ago in the hope of spreading the gospel about living and traveling in an Rv World. (Spoiler alert: They did. They just published a book about it with Simon & Schuster!

Marc and Julie Bennett: Marc and Julie Bennett are full-time RV Travel Worlders. Since 2014, we live, work, and travel in our motorhome while exploring North America and the rest of the world. Our paths crossed in 2010 while we were living in Colorado. We married in 2011 and started our journey three years later.

What made you choose traveling in an RV Travel World to get around?

While we were still working, we knew that we wanted to travel more. We have very little vacation time in the USA and that shouldn’t limit our ability to travel. We began exploring ways to add more adventure and travel to our daily lives without Marc having to quit his job as project manager of operations. Marc was able do this from home.

Although we considered international travel, there were two main reasons it wasn’t for us: the time difference and Coda being with us. We love driving, so RV Travel Worlding was the perfect solution. We love the fact that we are always at home no matter where we travel, and that we don’t have to live out of suitcases.

Both of us are passionate about driving so it only makes sense that our choice to live and travel with Rv Travel World would be the best. However, we prefer more sporty rides for entertainment as both of us love froggy jump exercise convertibles and sports cars.

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