How To Fix Air Conditioner Water Leaking

Is there a dripping air conditioner in Singapore? When you have an air conditioner in Singapore , if water starts to leak, it will become very messy. In addition, leaking air conditioners can also damage the interior of your home. Air-conditioning service is required to ensure that water leakage is not the main problem of air-conditioning. To prevent air-conditioning from leaking, you only need to follow a basic process to avoid any type of air-conditioning repairs in hot weather and when air-conditioning is urgently needed. You can complete this process on your own without having to hire employees or spend a lot of money.

First, you have to pull the air conditioner from the window. It is best to do this on a sunny day. This is because once we have completed the air conditioner repair process, sunlight will help the air conditioner dry easily. Now, place the air conditioner on a sturdy surface. It is very important not to place the device on dirt or grass. This will damage the casing of the air conditioner. For Singapore cheap aircon service, please visit Mastercool .

The next step is to remove the outer metal cover of the air conditioner. You can easily do this with a screwdriver. Usually, four to six screws fix the device in the frame. Observe the inside of the air conditioning unit carefully. You will be able to see the plastic tray at the bottom. This is a drain pan that allows purple travel system concentrated water to flow outward and drip onto the ground. You will also notice the growth of dust and bacteria in the handling tray. Due to the growth of dust and bacteria, regular air maintenance is required. To clean the disposal tray, you can pour household bleach into it. Leave it there for about ten minutes.

The next step is to connect the outdoor faucet with a garden hose. Remember to install the sprayer nozzle to the garden hose. Under moderate pressure, start spraying a little water inside the air conditioner. You should also spray a little water on the processing tray. This will help you remove the solid debris that has accumulated on the bottom of the tray. In addition, spray a little water on the inner and outer coils. It is also important to remove the internal filter and clean it.

After cleaning the inner and outer coils, you have almost completed the air conditioning repair process. Pour another cup of bleach into the processing tray. Wait another ten minutes. After this, you should flush the air conditioning unit with fresh water. Upon completion, inspect the device and make sure that it has been thoroughly cleaned. Store the air conditioner in the open air and dry it in the sun. Once the air conditioning unit is completely dry, cover the air conditioner before putting it back into the window. This can at least solve the problem of air-conditioning leaks in another season. Please find all the price for Mastercool aircon Singapore .

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