1. Affiliate Program

Affiliate marketing refers to when a business promotes its product or services through your podcast. Your role is to connect your listeners with the business, and the business will pay you for the traffic. Your podcast is responsible for each sale.

This type of marketing works well for both podcasters and businesses. It relies on conversions to make money. It is a great choice because the more successful the partnership, both parties will earn more.

What is the best way to market your podcast?

You will be given an unique URL or code (an affiliate link) once you have become a business affiliate. This link can then be shared with your audience. This link will be heard in audio format so make sure it is easy to remember. A good approach is to have the URL simply be your affiliate partner’s website, plus your podcast name (e.g.,

Your listeners will receive your link once they have completed the purchase. Your partner will pay you a certain amount for each customer you bring in when they subscribe or buy the product.

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How can I find an affiliate program to support my podcast?

Only the right podcasts, companies and people can make affiliate marketing work. Choose the affiliate programs that best suit your audience when searching for an affiliate program to promote your podcast. Your podcast will be focused on books and your audience won’t be interested in companies that sell kitchenware. Companies such as Audible, which often partner with podcasters to market, will appeal to them more.

There are many resources that can help podcasters and businesses connect. You can promote a company’s product/service through your podcast by signing up for one of these affiliate programs.

2. Patreon offers tiered subscriptions

Patreon, a membership platform that supports creators through regular monthly payments, allows fans (known as “patrons”) to do so. Patreon allows you to organize podcast subscriptions into “tiers” with different benefits for each tier. To make a monthly subscription worth your time, you will need to produce enough unique content.

You can set a low price for your entry. Subscriptions should be charged at a low price and you should focus on improving your content. It is easier to get 10 listeners to sign up for $5 per month than it is to get one person to subscribe for $50.

Higher tiers are worth the investment. You should offer additional benefits for your fans to convince them that higher tiers are worth it. These benefits can include early access to new content or discounts on branded merchandise.

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A consistent schedule is important. You should have a consistent schedule, no matter if you want to release an episode every other day, weekly, or monthly. Podcast listeners demand a consistent stream of content so make sure to publish podcasts on the right time.

Keep your audience informed. Let your fans know what you do and keep them informed about new episodes. If they feel a closer, more personal connection to the host, they are more likely continue to pay monthly.

3. Fans can buy custom merchandise

We all had posters and t-shirts that featured our favorite films and sports teams growing up. Print on demand allows you to create and sell the exact same products to your podcast listeners.

You can create custom products for your customers if you’re a creative person or have a friend who is. Print-on-demand is easy to use. All you have to do to create an account with a print provider, upload images and logos and then choose the products that you wish to sell.

4. Self-publish and write a book to appeal to your audience

Your fans will enjoy hearing your opinions and thoughts on various subjects. You can’t imagine why they wouldn’t tune in to your podcasts. You can assume your fans would also be open to receiving more content in other formats. Self-publishing a book is possible.

Self-publishing a book is a great way for you to add content and make money. Many podcasters have turned their ideas into books that they can sell to their listeners at a set price.

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