5 Career Change Mistakes: When NOT To Make A Midlife Career Change

Because part of my work involves working with people that are at a career crossroads in their 30s and 40s, it’s not unusual for me to come across a person who is so upset with their current job that they are ready to turn in their resignation immediately. Obviously this is a time that can be mentally taxing because on one hand you have worked so hard building your career and on the other hand you can’t stand going to your work everyday. When one is midlife, the prospect of making a career transition can seem daunting.

If you are in this position right now contemplating a career reinvention, the best place to begin before you do anything is to really assess ‘what is prompting you to make this career change’. Are your reasons solid and sound enough? Is transforming your career really your answer?

Often people jump into making career change for all the wrong reasons, here are some of them –

1. Wrong Office Environment – Maybe you are in the wrong environment and your personality doesn’t gel well with the organization’s culture. If this is the case, you maybe better off to change your company rather than a career.

2. Wrong Boss And Colleagues – Okay so who isn’t familiar with this scenario, at some point or another we have found ourselves in a situation where we may have wished for a more supportive boss or colleagues. If you are having troubles with the people you work with, the solution may lie elsewhere and not in making a career change.

3. You Dislike Some Aspects Of Your Job – If you are considering a career change because you dislike certain aspects of your current job, that may not be a good enough reason to do so. Even when you love what you do for a living, there are certain tasks that are you least favorite while others that are.

4. Thinking Of A Career Change As A Reaction – Perhaps there was some issue that is bothering you at your workplace, the problem isn’t getting resolved and you just don’t see a way out. Obviously the situation can get frustrating and many times make people think they should changing their career; this may not be your solution.

5. Making A Career Change Decision In Haste – People sometimes stay in unhappy careers for so long that they can’t take being there one more minute. Because they are frustrated, they turn in their resignation in haste and start working towards creating a new career. Sometimes being impulsive works in your favor but more times than not and especially if you have a family to support and so forth, this can be extremely risky.

Before you think about making a career change, take a moment to reflect on your reasoning behind that desire first and determine for yourself if this is the right step or not.

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