Career Aptitude Tests Online That Will Help You Find Your Career Path

An aptitude test aims at measuring your skills to perform a particular task. Career aptitude tests consist of those tests which would measure your capabilities versus a particular career.

The Various Types of Tests

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator: This test has a general classification 16 types of personalities and tries to group you into one of the types. The MBTI report helps you choose job types that would suit your personality. It contains 93 questions and takes about 20 minutes to complete the test. There is a fee small fee when you take this test online.

Keirsey Temperament Sorter – II: There are four temperament groups identified in this model namely Guardian, rational, idealist and artisan. Based on the test results you will be sorted into one of the above mentioned groups and also into one of 16 character groups. And depending upon your temperament group careers are suggested to you.

Strong Interest Inventory: These tests are aimed at identifying the individual’s interests and not skills. Though you are very skilled in a particular type of job it is your interest that ensures longevity of your career. This test is based on this principle and helps you in choosing a career that best suits your interest and tastes.

Campbell Interest and Skill Survey: This test focuses on almost 60 occupations that need secondary education. The results of your tests are compared with those who are already successfully following a particular career. And when your traits match with those who are already successful in a chosen career then that career is suggested to you.

Dewey Colour System: This is a colour based online test which simply asks you to click on a particular colour which you like or identify yourself with. Also you need to choose the colours you least prefer. Based on your likes and dislikes of a particular colour your personality traits are found out and the career best suited to those traits are suggested.

Extroversion test: Being an extrovert is a factor which would have a crucial impact on your job prospects and particularly in those jobs which requires high level of group interaction. This extroversion test can be taken to know how good your social skills are.

Princeton Career Quiz: The Princeton Career quiz aims at pointing you in right direction towards the career you wish to choose and the education required for the same.

Job Discovery Wizard: As the name suggests the Job discovery wizard is an online tool which matches your skills and interests with the many number of jobs available in the market.

Discover your perfect career quiz: This is a quiz designed by the famous job search portal Monster. It will analyze your test results and suggest you the best career that may suit your personality and interests.

Stress test: Stress management is a crucial part in today’s job market. So knowing beforehand the amount of stress you can endure could be a marked advantage in choosing your career path. These stress tests are devised to measure the amount of stress you can handle.

There are many websites that hosts many types of aptitude tests. Discover Your Personality and Career Assessments are websites that offer some useful career aptitude tests. While these tests are not fool proof they can point in the general direction of a suitable career.

There are a variety of online career aptitude tests available which analyses all your personality traits such as interest level, skills, capabilities, people skills, confidence level etc. Make sure you choose the right kind of tests which caters to your specific requirement. But one should be honest with the answers they give while taking these tests. At the end of the day these tests aim to help you make a wise decision and there is no point in giving dishonest answers as it will lead to inaccurate predictions. So the success of the career aptitude tests entirely depends on the honesty of the answers given.

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